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Eveil aux langue

Language awareness

Begegnung mit Sprachen


The curriculum obligates us to involve ELBE in our class. It supports the curiosity, interest, and motivation towards language learning.

ELBE stands for raising the language and cultural awareness and is one of three parts for „Mehrsprachigkeitsdidaktik“.

ELBE has four dimensions:

  • affective dimension
  • social dimension
  • political dimension
  • cognitive dimension
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affective dimension

  • attitudes
  • curiosity
  • aesthetic-playful use
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social dimension

  • effective communication
  • gender specific language use
  • inter- and intracultural language use
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political dimension

(least important for primary school)

  • manipulation through language
  • Language as tool for dominance
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cognitive dimension

  • textual awareness
  • sentence awareness
  • word and phrase awareness (e.g. Brot/bread)
  • sound awareness
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Teaching English to speakers of other Languages

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Linguistics is the scientific study of language which has two main branches.

1.    Theoretical linguistics

Concerned with the nature of language and its components (Sound, Structure and Meaning)

2.   Applied linguistics

Concerned with language use, how it is learned, acquired and may be thought.

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Sounds of Language


Focuses on the pronunciation systems of a language. The study of the various sounds available.