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what are the steps to develop a WBS?

-List end project (only 1 box at this level)

-identify major deliverables

-Decompose deliverables in sub-deliverables & work packages

-Assign coding scheme

-assign responsibility for deliverables at the lowest level

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What are the guidelines for developing a WBS?

-Deliverables should be expressed as nouns

-Each WBS element should be expressed a single tangible deliverable

-if a deliverable is broken down, it should contain at least 2 sub-deliverables

-WBS does not contain tasks

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what does serial activities mean in context of project scheduling?

Serial activities are those that flow from one to the next

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what does concurrent and parallel project paths mean?

When the work allows for more than one activity to be accomplished at the same time

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what are merge activities?

several activities that are followed by the same next step

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What are burst activities?

One activity with several next steps

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what is the critical path?

The path through the network with the longest duration

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what is a forward pass?

an additive move through the network from start to finish