Flashcard learning Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Library with 11,44 million public flashcards
Learning by means of the 5-compartment-system (Leitner algorithm)
Learning settings:
  • random order
  • answer first (reverse learning)
  • step-by-step learning by portions of 10
  • type precise answer yes/no
Save and visualise the learning progress in the 5-compartment-system …
  • in the 5-compartment-box
  • as a percentage
Add flashcard decks to the list of favourites
Text-to-speech (read-aloud function)
Free mobile app for Android and iOS enabling mobile learning.
Exam mode:

You can execute an unlimited number of self-tests (random selection displaying result as a percentage)
5 self-tests
Users of the Basic subscription can carry out an unlimited number of self-tests using your flashcards
Create user accounts without an e-mail address
Create flashcards Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Editor with 3 types of response:
  • precise response
  • text response
  • multiple-choice response
Editor toolbar with the following options …
  • bold, italic, underlined
  • colour
  • alignment
  • bullets
  • lists
  • URL picker
  • special characters
  • LaTeX formula editor
Separate input boxes for additional information such as …
  • phonetics
  • sample sentences
  • hints for solution
  • general supplements
Divide the flashcard decks into piles (chapters) that can be activated/deactivated individually while studying.
Import flashcards:
  • Excel
  • XML
  • CSV
Voice recorder (voice recording)
Upload audio files
Copy and move your own flashcards
Create an unlimited number of flashcard decks 5 sets of flashcards
Divide a flashcard deck into piles an unlimited number of times 5 piles
Upload an unlimited amount of pictures 10 pictures
Use the editor toolbar in the mobile app
Create private flashcard decks
Print flashcards (PDF export):
  • A4 list
  • 2 x 4 cards on A4
  • 4 x 4 cards on A4
  • 1 card on A6
Export your own flashcards:
  • Excel
  • XML
  • CSV
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Share flashcards Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Integrate files as iframe into other websites
Add an unlimited number of fellow learners per file
Comment, assess and review the flashcards
Add an unlimited number of co-authors to a given flashcard deck 5 co-authors
Divide flashcard decks and learners into groups (classes)
Share groups (classes) by using a join link
Create an unlimited number of groups (classes) 5 groups
Add an unlimited number of members per group (class) 30 members
Learner monitoring Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
View the processing history on your flashcard deck
View the learning progress in the 5-compartment-system:
  • per groupe and file
  • per group member and file
Single sign-on (SSO)

Login without prior registration
Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
SSO with Office 365
SSO with SWITCHaai
Training, support, feedback Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Click tours (web) Help
Feedback & contact
Information for teachers (blog)
We will answer your support requests in the shortest possible time
We will answer your support requests within one working day
Trainings for teachers at the school/company site (upon request) $ $
Exclusive offer for corporate clients Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
SSO from OpenOLAT (LTI integration)
SSO from Moodle (SSO plugin)
License and role allocation accross all SSO interfaces
Admin cockpit with central user and role administration
User-, role- and group import:
  • API
  • CSV
Automatic removal of users
Premium features for all users with the role “owner”
Teacher subscription features for all users with the role “teacher”
Unlimited use of Premium and Teacher subscription features
Free combination of roles and subscriptions within the user quota
Private library with additional filter functions
Assign sets of flashcards to the school/company
Payment by annual bill
Cost-free online training for teachers
Cost-free introduction and individual consulting for admins Contact
Publishing features for organisations Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Partner profile $
Flashcard deck branding $
Sell flashcard decks in the card2brain Card Store $
Purchase activation codes for private (purchase) flashcard decks $
card2brain mobile app as white label app $
Cost-free needs analysis and publishing consulting Contact

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