Library Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Access to the public library (web & app)
Learn 10.1 million public flashcards
Integrate the library into other websites as iFrame
Study Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Study according to the system of the 5 compartments and visualise the study progress within the flashcard box
Study flashcards in any order
Swap question and answer in study mode
Learn the content of the set of flashcards step by step in portions of 10
Learn the content of the set of flashcards in exam mode and display the result statistically planned
Create flashcards ad-free
Create, edit & manage sets of flashcards Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Card editor with...
  • 3 types of answers (MC, text, exact)
  • Entry of formulas in LaTex
  • Picture upload
  • Special characters
  • Link picker
  • Text formatting
CSV import of flashcards
Copy or move flashcards from one set to the other
Group sets of flashcards in folders
View edit history in unlocked sets of flashcards
Upload pictures (questions & answers) 10 unlimited
Create your own sets of flashcards 5 unlimited
Set up chapters (piles) you can enable and disable individually while you study within the set of flashcards. 5 / Set of flashcards unlimited
Create private flashcards
Print flashcards in different formats
CSV export of flashcards
Create flashcards ad-free
Groups & classes Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Create groups 5 unlimited
Manage students in groups 30 / group unlimited
Group releases via password
Share sets of flashcards with groups
Analyse the study progress of groups and students graphically
Manage sets of flashcards and groups together
Unlock groups for students without e-mail address
Print examns planned
Carry out and assess exams electronically planned
Registration & Login Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Inscription avec adresse e-mail
Single Sign-On with Office 365
Single Sign-On with SWITCHaai
Create student accounts without e-mail addresses
Sharing & collaboration Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Share folders
Share sets of flashcards
Comment, rate and review sets of flashcards
Integrate set of flashcards into other websites as iFrame
Unlock sets of flashcards for co-authors 5 / Set of flashcards unlimited unlimited
Appoint additional admins for own sets of flashcards
Mobile App Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Free mobile app for iOS and Android
Download flashcards to the mobile app from the web, study offline and synch the study progress continuously
Create and edit flashcards in the mobile app
Format flashcards in the mobile app
Support Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
FAQ, ideas forum
We answer support requests as quickly as soon as possible
We guarantee priority support within 1 day
1 hour go-Live support for the company's admin
Integration for schools & companies Basic Premium Teacher Corporate
Single Sign-On with Office 365
Moodle Single Sign On Plugin
OpenOlat Integration
SWITCHaai interface
User, role, and group import (via API or CSV file)
Integration into commercial LMSs
Possibility to give the school's or company's users an internal contact for support
Admin cockpit with central administration of users and roles
PREMIUM subscription status for all the organisation's students
TEACHER subscription status for all the organisation's teachers
Free combination of subscriptions and roles within the organisation
Corporate Library with advanced filter features
Free of publicity for all the organisation's users
Annual payment by invoice
Corporate branding web app $
Corporate branding mobile app $

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