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The work packages of a project, the durations as well as the start and end dates are known. Which scheduling methods can be developed?

A networked bar chart

A networked list of dates

A list of dates

A bar chart

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The resource planning …

is a communication instrument.

correlates with the department-related resource planning

includes a CPM schedule.

takes only 'bottleneck resources' into account.

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Which milestones have to be part of a milestone plan?

Project assigned

Project approved Correct

Project idea

Project prepared

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A milestone plan should contain the following number of milestones:



more than 17


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A bar chart is …

a graphic representation of the project which depicts the work packages as time-proportional bars.

a graphic representation of the project costs in bar-chart form.

a graphic representation of the relevant project environments in bar-chart form.

a graphic representation of the project resources in bar-chart form.

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Project scheduling methods …

are used depending upon the complexity of the project.

make the overhead costs visible.

are for instance list of dates, bar chart and CPM schedule.

provide information about schedule of work packages.

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A project risk …

has to be documented in a project risk analysis.

can be defined as a substantial deviation from a project objective.

can be avoided or promoted by the use of project management methods.

can be defined as the possibility of a negative or positive deviation from a project objective.

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The project responsibility matrix regulates among others ...

the distribution of the work packages to project roles.

the allocation of costs to objects of considerations.

the allocation of costs to the cost centres.

the form of the collaboration of the members of the project organisation in fulfilling individual work packages.