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aus was bestehen psycholog. Interventionen

procedures to change....

a) experiece(e.g. emotion, motivation) and/or behavior of

b) individuals or persons within groups with

c) psychological methods and can be deliverd

d) alone or combined with non-psychological interventions (e.g. drugs like antidepressants)

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wo spielen psycholog. interventionen nen essentiellen Faktor?


counseling entspricht beratung per se

psychosocial + health prevention programms(e.g. aids prevention programs)


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defi psychotherapy

-interventions why modify mental disorders systematically

-interventions which follow a certain order

-interventions which have a theoretical framework

-systematisches und durchgägiges shaping of the therapist-patient-relationship

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Defi + um was gehts bei ner evaluation

valere(latin)--> value--> wert

determining the merit, worth,
or value of something, or the product of that process

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was sind stand. Inhalte einer Evaluation

identification of relevant standards of merit, worth, or value--> was ist bei dem thema überaupt relevant

investigation of the performance of the evaluands on these
standards--> performt die methode die man grad anschaut

integration or synthesis of the results to achieve an overall
evaluation or set of associated evaluations--> gesamtbewertung bzw. einordnung in bisherige ergebnisse

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welche verschied. arten von evaluation gibts denn so?

-summative evaluation: z.b. gibts nen einfluss einer intervention und falls ja wie stark ist dieser?

 --> new mthod vs. old methd vs. placebo

-formative evaltion: based on a given method, how can we adjust that one to increase its performance

--> wie kann man ne expo bei archnophobikern angepasst werden, damit diese noch erfolgreicher ist

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was sind die ziele von intervention research(erforschung)?

-soll zu credible knowledge(gegenteil fake news) führen, that can be translated into practice; Ziel Evidenz im treatment finden

im speziellen:

-testing whether a treatment really produces the positive effects it
intends to produce

- Testing whether a treatment produces negative side effects

-Identifying conditions under which a treatment works

-Testing assumptions how a treatment works: Identifying causal
pathways (mediators)?

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plaussibility of a intervention + efficacy/proof; in welchem fall expected und in welchem fall not?

plaussibility hoch + efficacy hoch--> expected

plausabillity niedrig + efficacy niedrig --> expected --> ich stinke also bin ich

jeweils unterschiedlich --> not expected