Learn with the system of 5 compartments

Systematic Learning

card2brain is based on the well-known "system of five compartments". This method guarantees lasting success by systematically repeating what you have learnt. card2brain is accessible on mobile devices via the mobile app and phone browsers, supporting the concept of regular repetition.

The System of Five Compartments

The students start with all their flashcards in the first compartment. Flashcards they answered correctly move to the next compartment, flashcards they answered incorrectly are put back into the first compartment.

The flashcards in the first compartment are studied in each round. The flashcards in compartments further back are examined less frequently: those in the second compartment are studied every second round, those in the third compartment every third round and so on. Once all flashcards have reached the fifth compartment, the students have memorised the study matter.